Update for YouTube’s multi-camera & screen webcast switching

Cattura is excited to announce a new addition to our YouTube live streaming plugin, a direct multi-camera pass-through to YouTube’s camera switching live streaming player. Cattura users can live broadcast up to four independent 1080p streams into a single YouTube Live player allowing viewers to simply switch camera angles in real-time. This new feature allows content producers the ability to broadcast every camera angle or screen independently without the need of manually switching video sources during a live broadcast.  The camera switching controls let the viewer switch to any camera angle or screen that is most important to them during a live broadcast.

The integration is seamless and interfaces directly with the standard YouTube live configuration management allowing you to select which HDMI/SDI inputs from CaptureCast are part of the multi-input live broadcast. Once configured, the YouTube player will present up to four thumbnails in the upper right corner of the live player representing each of live streams being broadcasted from CaptureCast. The viewers simply navigate to each unique camera angle by clicking on any of the thumbnails during the live broadcast.

Seamless Multi-Camera & Screen Switching

Cattura encodes each stream independently at rates up to 1080P/30 FPS. Every stream is synchronized together along with the master audio or individual embedded audio to provide a seamless camera switching viewing experience. The YouTube live player allows you to rewind any stream, making it trivial for viewers to switch angles, rewind to re-watch from another camera angle, then catch up to the live stream when desired.

Cattura Video’s CEO Justin McCutcheon says “We’re excited to deliver this new feature to our customers that want to deliver a richer broadcast with multiple cameras and screens. Cattura eases the camera switching process for live productions by streaming every screen and camera without the need of an operator. The viewers are now in control and more engaged with the broadcast as content changes throughout an event.”

During the broadcast, the metrics for the overall broadcast and individual camera angles can be monitored from the YouTube Live control room.  YouTube Live is a great medium for all of our customers that are seeking a simple and cost-effective way to deliver a rich broadcast solution. Cattura has seen a growing demand from our education and live production customers, all seeking new solutions to drive further automation and monitoring for the Audio/Video management teams, and innovative ways to enrich the audience’s viewing experience as live streaming demands grow.

Learn more about our CaptureCast encoders and how they can help you at your next live production. Call (800) 417-3230 or email info@catturavideo.com to request a live demonstration.

UPDATE: With the finalized transition to the new YouTube Studio, Google has removed this option from livestreams. It is currently unknown as to whether they plan to bring this feature to the new interface in the future, and Google has made no comment about its removal.


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