Why Component Failure is Killing Your Lecture Capture

You missed a capture, and another lecture is about to start.

If your hardware has an open design, you need an appropriate replacement part. If not, you need to replace the entire recording unit. Either way, you need it soon.

There is nothing worse than experiencing component failure at a time when you can’t afford to stop.

To enable quick part replacements, it helps to ensure that your recording devices can be accessed and repaired by on-site personnel. Open design allows for quick swaps and can even support a number of interchangeable parts.

However, some problems can only be solved by replacing an entire unit. In that case, your efforts to restore uptime are dependent on the speed of replacement delivery.

Cattura offers comprehensive support plans and warranties to assure you that your lecture capture system will perform at a high level.

Next-day shipping for part replacements and customized loaner units helps you circumvent the downtime caused by component failure.

Our support team makes a difference. Start a trial to find out for yourself.

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