Visual Room Monitoring With Smart Light Recording Status Integration

We’re happy to announce a new add-on to our family of product partners. On the latest CaptureCast 5.1 updates, you can now enable the Kuando Busylight smart light plugin. The CaptureCast Signal Light gives anyone in the room the ability to easily view and understand precisely what the recorder is doing, without the need of looking at a web interface or control pad. It’s a simple, very affordable, and integrates nicely with CaptureCast hardware.

The CaptureCast Signal Light consists of two elements – the light itself and a small microcomputer. Using this microcomputer, the smart light can be connected to your local network over wired ethernet or wi-fi, giving you the ability to monitor any recorder located on the same network, with no distance limits on how far the light is from the physical location of the CaptureCast recorder.

Understanding the Signal Light is very simple – it has four different color states. White means the recorder is idle and not doing anything. Red indicates that a recording is currently running, alerting everyone in the room that they are currently being recorded. Yellow means that the recording has been paused, and is waiting for the operator to continue recording. Finally, purple indicates that a recording is being currently processed and uploaded to an endpoint – as an indication that the most recent capture is presently in the process of being sent to its final destination.

Our co-founder Justin McCutcheon states, “We’re very excited to deliver the CaptureCast Signal Light to aid the presenter on the recording state using smart light technology. This new feature will allow a presenter to have a stronger visual sense of the capture state without relying on a screen. We see a greater demand for smarter classroom designs that use simple, yet open standards for seamless intergrations. We’re thrilled to see the results come back as robust and simple to integrate. It’s a great addition to any lecture capture setup.”

Reach out to schedule a demonstration of the new Busylight integration, and learn how we can help you build out your next lecture capture room.

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