Using Hardware Lecture Capture at Home

For many instructors and lecturers there’s an enormous question looming over the entire Fall semester – how do you best serve your students when teaching from home? The emergence of COVID-19 required rapid change and even faster adaptation from teachers. How do you provide an experience as close as possible to the in-person learning experience when teaching remotely?

One of the key elements of an in-person instructional environment is the ability to switch between multiple teaching mediums quickly – whether you want to show students a slideshow presentation on a computer or write out formulas on a whiteboard, you want to be able to switch between each quickly, and ideally,w without you having to add additional configuration or switching time to your own personal teaching workflow. This is where multi-source capture really shines. By having a hardware capture device with every multiple inputs simultaneously being captured, your students can switch between each of your feeds live in youtube, or in the stored video on demand version.

Cattura Capturecast recorders can support up to six different input sources, but if we think about the most common inputs, you’ll probably need a maximum of four  – a camera focused on you, the instructor, a camera for a dry erase or other kind of writing board, a document camera, and finally a computer input for directly capturing a computer source. This can be used in conjunction with zoom by simply recording everything separately from your hardware recorder in addition to sending out your usual zoom feed, offering the opportunity for students to learn in whatever way works best for them.

Capturecast recorders also allow you to schedule your streams and recordings well in advance. Set up your recorder to record an entire week or month of classes and then never have to think about the box again – the recordings and streams will automatically start and stop when you’ve scheduled them. And, if you ever need to check in on the recorder, stop a recording early, or add some extra time to your scheduled recording, you can do so from any tablet, phone, computer, or other device with a web browser that’s connected to the same network as the recorder.

If you’d like a full demo of what Capturecast can do for you in your own setup, reach out to us at, or visit to schedule a demo today!

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