New Simple OneTouch Quick Start LCD Control Pad For CaptureCast Appliances

For the past several years, CaptureCast has extended into many industry-leading room control systems to provide a simple one-touch capture user experience. We’ve been experimenting with the new Elgato Stream Deck LCD touch panel system, and we’re happy to conclude that the results were outstanding. We are thrilled to announce our new CaptureCast OneTouch Stream Deck plugin, a simple to use LCD push-button control pad to manage a CaptureCast recording appliance. The new plugin allows anyone to quickly select a recording workflow template, as well as starting, stopping, and pausing ongoing captures, as well as monitoring live feeds. The Stream Deck OneTouch system is aware of everything occurring on the CaptureCast recorder with near real-time feedback.

The Stream Deck OneTouch system consists of two elements – a small LCD control pad with a small microcomputer. While the control pad is the only device that you interact with, the microcomputer is the engine of the system, connecting to the same network as the CaptureCast recorder through wired ethernet or wi-fi connection. The communication works over a network, so there are no limits to how far the control pad can be from the recorder itself.

How does the New Stream Deck OneTouch work?

When the recorder is idle, the control pad allows two actions – selecting which template you’re recording, and starting a recording. Once the recording is in progress, the top row of the control pad updates, giving you new controls to stop or momentarily pause/resume the capture, as well as displaying the elapsed time of the recording. Simultaneously, once a lecture recording is in progress, the control pad displays live video snapshots along the bottom row, up to three video sources. The video thumbnails are refreshed every second to provide near real-time monitoring experience of the live video sources.

Our founder Justin McCutcheon states, “We come across many legacy classrooms that do not simply provide the physical framework, nor the budget, to deploy a one-touch control system for their lecture capture needs. We’re very excited to deliver this new alternative for classrooms wanting to take advantage of the new Stream Deck control pad. It’s simple to use, affordable for everyone, and very easy to setup with the CaptureCast recorders. This is a great addition to our new smart lecture capture room extensions we’re releasing this year.”

Reach out to schedule a demonstration of the new Stream Deck integration, and learn how we can help you plan your next lecture capture room.

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