New CaptureCast Features: Advanced Segmenting & Scheduling

CaptureCast’s shot-detect functionality is getting a major upgrade!

Shot-detect allows our software to note scene changes and append thumbnail images that appear when hovering over the progress bar.

In our next major software update, the new shot-detect algorithm will allow for a higher degree of accuracy in scene-change sensitivity. It also boasts a minimum frame interval setting to ensure that your clip segmentation won’t become too granular or overwhelmed with thumbnails. Shot-detect data will crossover smoothly in our advanced integrations with Kaltura and Opencast.

For the first time, we are rolling out our own scheduling tool to help you easily manage your recording sessions and capture environments! Recordings are simple to schedule with a clean interface requesting a title, media template, start time, and duration.

This new scheduler is offered in addition to our advanced integration with Kaltura’s scheduling tool. If your school jointly uses CaptureCast and Kaltura, either scheduler will be effective in your capture environment.

Be on the lookout for these new features in Q4!

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