Learning Engine: Secure video with Google Drive

Video content has a wide range of applications, from watching cats drink water to delivering supplemental class materials. However, the internet can be a scary place, especially for videos you create that need to be private, secured, and safe.

The Learning Engine by Cattura Video is proud to announce its newest feature: secure video through Google Drive. Now, rather than placing your videos in an unsecured public folder where anyone could grab them, you can lock them down to your domain – only those who are supposed to access it can.

Say you are a teacher at State College. You want to deliver some freshly created, grade-A educational video to them, but you want to be sure it’s not just going out into the public. It is yours, and you worked hard to create it, after all. With the Learning Engine, you can place the video into a secure, domain-locked folder and upload it to your LMS. Viewers must be logged into a State College domain to view the content – so even if it managed to get out, no one outside the domain can watch it.

The Learning Engine can use videos in a secure, domain-locked folder

This is not only helpful for personal content creation. This is also a great way to maintain copyrighted content, or sensitive content that should only be accessed by authorized users. Setting it up is incredibly easy, and will guarantee that the only people who see your content are supposed to!

Experience how the Learning Engine can transform how you deliver video to your students and how it can enrich the learning process for everyone. Go get a free teacher account and see for yourself! Visit free.catturavideo.com to sign up today.

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