What Level of Lecture Capture Do I Need?

The lecture capture industry is maturing. We’re seeing wide scale adoption of various lecture capture systems in universities across the US and abroad, but a clear divide has materialized between the technological needs of certain academic programs and those of more common classroom capture scenarios.

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The increasingly popular terminology of personal and professional capture is bringing greater clarity to the discussion. What do these terms mean, and how can you discern which level of lecture capture you need? Let’s dig in and find out!

Personal Lecture Capture

Personal capture is excellent for most classroom capture scenarios. Videos will only need one video source (likely a webcam), a microphone, and a computer screen or presentation. Many personal lecture capture systems will be bundled with video CMS (Content Management System) platforms.

Some drawbacks of personal capture include a limited number of captured video sources and the potential for capture failure induced by running too many applications on a desktop.

The cloud-based software that supports personal lecture capture offers a high level of flexibility and affordability, assuming that a university has already begun transitioning to the cloud. This makes it an ideal choice for many universities that simply need to capture the audio and video of a lecturer and the presentation slide deck.

Kaltura and Panopto are leading providers of personal capture solutions. They supply cloud-based lecture capture technology to businesses and academic institutions around the world. When universities have needed to increase their number of video sources, Cattura Video has been able to integrate with both Panopto and Kaltura to upgrade personal capture systems to professional-grade solutions.

Professional Lecture Capture

Speaking of, a professional lecture capture system is designed to support demanding capture scenarios with robust, dedicated hardware and multiple video sources. These solutions involve greater upfront investment and more thorough AV planning.
Managing rackspace and structuring a classroom AV environment are critical aspects of implementing a successful professional capture solution. To this end, Cattura sends world-class technicians to help with on-site installation and assigns dedicated support personnel who are well acquainted with the idiosyncrasies of your recording environment.

Major Takeaway: Personal lecture capture is a standard solution for most classroom environments, while professional lecture capture is an advanced option for universities that will put their solution through rigorous and demanding scenarios.

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