The Power of Customization

How many times have you changed entertainment services in the last few years?

DIRECTV to DISH Network. DISH Network to Netflix. Netflix back to DIRECTV.

Why do we keep changing?

One fails to offer all of the sports content that you’re looking for. Another charges too much for your preferred package. A third bundles the content you want into separate packages.

Implementing professional capture technology can pose similar predicaments.

Lecture capture hardware is designed to support a demand for robust recording, streaming, and playback services. In many cases, the sophistication of these solutions makes them too difficult to customize for a university’s unique needs, much less those of specific classrooms.

Cattura’s open philosophy impacts your lecture capture experience at every touch point, but customizing your system begins with the hardware. Our engineers open up the recording boxes to structure your hardware to optimally perform in your circumstance.

This flexibility is built on the foundation of our dual hardware series.

The CaptureCast Pro is our flagship appliance, with a default configuration of 4 AV inputs that can be customized to receive up to 6. Mixing capture inputs of SDI, HDMI, DVI, and VGA, the Pro is a robust platform for supporting high-demand capture events.

The New York Institute of Technology’s College of Osteopathic Medicine (NYITCOM) uses the CaptureCast Pro to record and stream medical simulations using multiple captures and a variety of playback formats.

The CaptureCast Slim offers the same high level of encoding, integrated publishing, live streaming, and power efficiency while scaling back on features that may not be essential to some events or classrooms. The Slim has a default configuration of 2 AV inputs and requires embedded audio. The CaptureCast Slim’s reduced dimensions, 1U rack-mountable as opposed to 2U, help to address space limitations that may face a university.

Truly customizing a lecture capture system requires more than just these distinctions, but they give our engineers and support technicians a head-start to swiftly creating a solution that meets your primary needs.

Looking for a more detailed description of each hardware series’ specifications?

Check Out the CaptureCast Pro & Slim

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