Opencast & CaptureCast: New AWS Integration Aims To Help Schools Easily Deliver Video Lessons

We’ve always been proud to integrate with Opencast, one of the few fully open video distribution platforms, and today, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re not only deepening our integration through advanced lecture capture, but we’re also making Opencast itself easier for new schools to quickly get up and running. We have posted a simple AWS install guide to help you quickly deploy the video platform, and documented the install process in a new video series to make it easy. Once installed, connect it to your school’s learning management system for faculty to create their own private video library of lectures and lessons. There is no cost, so try it out!

If you’re new to Opencast, you’re probably wondering what Opencast is? Opencast is a completely free and open source video distribution platform that was born in the higher education space. It allows schools to host recorded lectures and lessons that are completely under your management control. The software can be downloaded and installed on a local server you host or, using our set of installation tools, you can set up quickly on an AWS account.  Some of Opencast’s most popular features for schools include:

  1. Integrating your schools learning management system to create private course video libraries for faculty, including but not limited to Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, Schoology and more. 
  2. Interactive multi-source lecture video playback for learners to live switch between presentation, document camera, whiteboards, and video cameras for interactive remote learning experience.
  3. The ability to record videos directly in your browser from an attached webcam and/or your computer screen.
  4. Advanced student playback with automatic slide index and transcriptions transcriptions.
  5. Synchronized event scheduling integration to automate lecture start and stop recording and live streaming times.

The installation solution we’ve put together makes the platform extremely easy to install, and allows you to run the video platform entirely within the Amazon AWS ecosystem, using the robust and reliable Cloudfront ecosystem for long term media storage and distribution of your lecture recordings, classroom lessons and STEM simulations.

If simply recording from your computer desktop isn’t giving you what you need, use a CaptureCast appliance as a dedicated hardware lecture capture solution. The CaptureCast software is fully integrated with Opencast, with full support for Opencast scheduling, metadata integration, multiple video capture/playback, course publishing, management/monitoring, and much more.

If you’d like to learn more about how to deploy one of our easy-to-configure cloud-based Opencast servers, check out our YouTube playlist. If you’d like more information about our CaptureCast lecture recording solution, schedule a demo with us, or contact us via email at

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