Opencast and Cattura Video

Opencast is an open-source video management system that is free, easy to use, and customizable platform that is used in thousands of classrooms around the globe. Cattura Video is proud to integrate Opencast into the CaptureCast platform, bringing a low-cost publishing option to your video capture environment.

CaptureCast utilizes many features of OpenCast, including multi-source recording, series integration, presenter information, and metadata injection.

With OpenCast, you can use a video source and a presentation source to provide viewers with exactly what you want them to see. With CaptureCast, you can choose between two separate video sources, a camera and a computer, or any mix of sources you have in your environment. With the OpenCast Player’s split-screen playback, you can view multiple angles, different content, and more side by side.

Opencast integrates seamlessly with CaptureCast. The integration incorporates a range of metadata into your uploaded content, as well as any custom definitions you may have. You can even apply themes!

Interested in more robust publishing options? Check out our integrations with Kaltura and Panopto.

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