Announcing the NEW Cattura Video Blog

The Cattura Video blog has been a project we have been happy to work on. Bringing news, information, and new developments about CaptureCast and the Learning Engine has been easier and keeping in contact with our customers has been great.

Today, we are proud to announce our migration from our old site to our new one – powered by WordPress. We have migrated everything over from the old page and given it a fresh coat of paint, and some added functionality.

With our new site, we have tags and categories that are easy to find and use, and navigation is simpler than ever. Our search bar can deliver the content you want within moments, and the easy-to-read layouts have been optimized for peak usability. At the bottom of the page is a new RSS feed, so you can add us to your reader to get news and information right in your inbox.

Our comments section is also open for business! If you have a comment, question, or concern with any of our blog content, you can let us know firsthand! Our team responds to all comments, so don’t hesitate to use this fantastic resource to get your voice heard., our new address, is designed to be a resource for you to learn about our offerings, get some insight on how we work, and be the first to hear about exciting developments.

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