Breakthrough in Multi-Room Recording

Multi-source recording has consistently grown and morphed to serve emerging needs. Educational environments, like classrooms and medical examinations, demand fast-paced innovation. Like crisp live monitoring for immediate feedback. Or scheduling automation to streamline the entire recording and publishing process.

As the tech has improved, organizations have been able to pull an increasing number of tasks and systems into their recording hardware. However, the cost of each unit remains a challenge for large rollouts.

Not anymore.

Universities and hospitals can now extend the impact of their budget by using a single recording appliance to cover two, or even three, rooms.

As part of our version 5 release, multi-room recording comes with a slew of other updates, like a widened range of streaming protocols and a 2-click software updater.

Our CaptureCast Pro recorders are capable of processing up to 6 different video sources. The software update enables each appliance to discretely store 2 sources from 3 rooms or 3 sources from 2 rooms.

The various options place more control in the hands of AV technicians than ever before. Does a particular use case come to mind where multi-room recording will be helpful? Share your insight in the comments below.

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