Making SSDs the Standard

For quite a while now, every single CaptureCast recorder that is shipped out to customers comes with 2TB of built in storage. That means CaptureCast users don’t have to worry about connecting additional external storage, and can offload media directly from the recorder’s internal storage over the network. Today, we’re happy to announce that effective immediately, we are moving from our current hybrid SSHD solutions to a fully SSD-based solution.

This benefits our customers in a few ways:

  • Faster boot times – Just like a consumer desktop or laptop computer, having an SSD decreases the amount of time the system needs to boot significantly.
  • Faster processing speeds – When a recording is finished, or you need to clip a video, these processes, and others that are reliant on disk read/write speeds will happen much faster.

While the main benefits might be speed related, the lack of physical components also means an improvement in portability, as the recorder can be moved while it is still running without the risk of data corruption, while still maintaining the benefits that our 2TB of built in storage gives over SD cards or USB flash drives for media storage.

Contact us directly at [email protected] or schedule a demo on our homepage today to learn more!

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