3 Kinds of People Who Make the Most of Lecture Capture

Recording lectures and live streaming from a classroom environment are powerful tools in the hands of an effective educator. These three kinds of instructors are setting the bar for utilizing video technology to maximize student outcomes.


The Blended Learning Buff


This professor’s probably checking the #edtech hashtag as we speak, and brainstorming ways to get higher engagement from students in online channels. They’ve learned about and experimented with the Christensen Institute’s models of blended learning. They’ve discovered ways to incorporate video into the Rotation model, the Flex model, the A La Carte model, the Enriched Virtual model… You get the idea.

But don’t get overwhelmed 🙂 Effective use of lecture recordings is as simple as understanding the ways that online learning creates distance for your students and using video to close that gap.


The Streaming Savant


Speaking of closing the gap for distance learning students. Live streaming and real-time video can be leveraged to personalize performance feedback, drive engagement during lectures, and facilitate interaction between students.

Savvy instructors can incorporate live video into nearly every stage of the learning process. Whether you fully embrace live streaming or simply use it to facilitate student feedback, this technology gives your online students the interactive learning they crave.


The Preparation Pro



Many students excel in the classroom because of the tools that teachers make available. Study resources of various kinds have helped instructors to equip their students, but the ability review lectures or watch missed lectures is a game-changer for test preparation.

By providing a library of classroom content for students, lecturers put them in the best possible position to succeed on their examinations.


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