Announcing Lecture Capture Hardware Trade-In Program

Cattura Video, the classroom leader in rich media lecture recording and webcasting , has launched a new program that enables organizations with discontinued lecture capture systems to trade in their equipment for special discounts and free offerings. Organizations can take advantage of discounts towards new equipment, receive free premium support for one year, obtain a free license for the CaptureCast command center app, and more to make the switch easy. The program is geared not just to replace discontinued hardware, but to ensure planning, design, install, training, and continued support is in place to make the trade-in feel seamless.

“We’ve seen several lecture capture hardware vendors shut down over the past few years, leaving customers with discontinued lecture capture equipment and no action plan to continue. Most of these vendors sold proprietary hardware making the forced transition even more difficult. Cattura Video is providing organizations a simple, and well-supported exit plan to migrate their discontinued equipment to CaptureCast. We aim to help minimize disruption and downtime during this migration by applying dedicated engineers to help personalize the entire experience to feel like a simple drop replacement. ” said Justin McCutcheon, CEO at Cattura Video.

Some of the added advantages of the trade-in program include:

  • Dedicated team to design, install and support the entire migration.
  • Discounts on hardware and promotions for campus-wide replacements.
  • Development support for 3rd party integrations and custom workflows. 
  • 12 months of free campus-wide premium support plan coverage. 
  • Seamless integration with Kaltura, Panopto, and OpenCast.
  • FREE Command Center software for centralized monitoring and management.

For more information about our lecture capture hardware trade-in program, please call: (800) 417-3230 or directly email

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