Lecture Capture Keeps Students on Schedule for Graduation

Rising costs of education are driving university students to take one or more jobs in an attempt to avoid mounting student debt. To accommodate part-time or full-time work, most students are taking more than the traditional four years to complete a bachelor’s degree.

How are universities responding to this growing drain on financial and academic resources? Schools penalize delayed graduations by increasing tuition after the expected 8th semester.

The length of an undergraduate education and rising tuition costs spiral upward, each driven by the other.

Encouraging Timely Graduations

Last Monday’s Wall Street Journal published an article, “The High Price of Not Completing College in Four Years”, exploring the consequences of and solutions to this tuition hike.

Tips included declaring majors earlier in the academic path, specifically charting a course to achieve the selected degree, and maintaining a minimum load of 15 hours per semester.

Obstacles to Successful Course Planning

The inability to offer required course every semester is a major obstacle to increasing the frequency of on-time graduations.

As noted in the WSJ article…

“One big reason for failing to graduate on time, experts say, is that certain required courses aren’t offered frequently enough for all students who need them to enroll.”

Several solutions are mentioned. Do you know what isn’t noted? The role that recorded lectures can play in making classes available every semester at an affordable expense.

Lecture Capture Makes Course Content Widely Available

Lecture capture solutions and learning management systems allow professors to instruct a much higher volume of students through online and distance learning. Furthermore, students have indicated that they’ve avoided dropping some classes due to the availability of recorded lectures as a study resource.

Video recording and classroom capture technology will be a critical component of any strategy to increase the percentage of students graduating in four years.

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