Automated Lecture Capture: Letting Teachers Teach

Let’s face it: your instructors are busy. They’re hustling in and out, back and forth, room to room. Often, they don’t have the time to snag a coveted cup of coffee, much less to remember to end the lecture recording and upload it. Or, they realize it just as the bus doors shutter closed behind them…

CaptureCast Pro’s lecture capture automation is designed for demanding classrooms and fast-moving educators. You can program your units to automatically record for a scheduled period of time, to eliminate the hassle of manually starting and stopping If a class starts early or finishes late, no problem – CaptureCast Pro units integrate with one-touch room control systems, like Crestron and AMX, for easy quick-starts and extensions.

“Automated recordings will capture high-quality lectures every time, without your professors ever having to think about it”

The ability to schedule in advance is pretty much moot if you can’t set parameters for which video and audio sources need to be captured for each recorded lecture. With CaptureCast Pro’s templates, you can fully program the recording needs for a particular class session and those settings will activate at the scheduled time. Select the sources you want to use, choose how you want them displayed, and determine where your captures will be uploaded.

With advanced tools like Optical Character Recognition and Scene Change Detector, you can even automate post-production elements, like chapter data and matching the PowerPoint to your presentation.

There’s a holiday coming up? No need to record an empty classroom. CaptureCast Pro gives you the capability to black out certain days or periods, so you don’t have to cancel an entire capture schedule for one or two days. Simply go to that unit, and schedule the blackout for the time and day you need.

University educators have incredibly tight time constraints and demanding schedules. Don’t let starting and stopping a lecture capture compound their stress, and don’t lose lectures when they forget to start them. Automated recordings will capture high-quality lectures every time, without your professors ever having to think about it.

Request a demonstration or trial to experience the power of automation in your classrooms!

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