New CaptureCast Feature: LDAP and SSO

We’re thrilled to roll out a brand-new feature that will make the login process for instructors and IT technicians of the CaptureCast hardware even more seamless!

For those wanting a quick update, our new LDAP and SSO functionality allows universities to integrate CaptureCast with their general user database. This means that CaptureCast users won’t need to be managed independently of other software platforms, and all users will be able to log in using their university-wide username and password.

Let’s dive a bit deeper into both aspects of the new feature.


What is LDAP?

Lightweight Directory Access Protocols can be used to provide a systematic set of records, across multiple software platforms.

Universities use these protocols to create one-to-one relationships between instances of user data on different platforms. For example, Professor John Doe’s user activity in an LMS, like Blackboard, and a university email server can correlate back to the same record in the LDAP database.

LDAP serves as the master database for all of the college’s software platforms.


Why does SSO matter?

SSO (Single Sign-On) functionality allows users to log in to CaptureCast with the same username and password that they use for other software made available by their university.

This helps to fully integrate the CaptureCast user experience with the workflows that faculty and technicians are already used to.


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