5 Proven Integrations with Kaltura Video Management

Cattura’s video recording tools smoothly integrate with Kaltura Mediaspace and other publishing platforms to create end-to-end lecture capture solutions. Over the last 7 years, we’ve worked alongside Kaltura to define the standards for recording and encoding educational video content.

As a result, Cattura’s recording hardware and software interface with Kaltura’s video management system at several key integration points. Those integrations create a solution that can fully automate your lecture capture setup.

Publish Crisp Video Content for Live Streams and On-Demand Playback

While we work with Panopto and other video publishers, Kaltura is our most frequent publishing partner. We’ve collaborated on powerful, easy-to-use video solutions for Liberty University, George Washington Law, Carnegie Mellon University, and more.

Users can stream live content from Cattura to a My Mediaspace page, and the system will deliver HD masters after the stream is complete.

Cattura’s software hooks up to their API to cleanly pass along enriched metadata and high fidelity video.

Control and Manage All Scheduling with the Kaltura Calendar

When installed together, we deactivate the internal calendar and scheduling in our interface. Rather than dealing with conflicting schedules, you can automate every element of your capture process from Kaltura’s calendar.

Don’t worry. You get to keep all of the functionality that you would find in our own scheduler. The integration simply brings our automation under the same roof.

Transfer Metadata for Slide Change Detection

Cattura recorders use optical character recognition (OCR) to detect changed text in video content. Detecting these changes is most useful for recordings of slide presentations. The recorders will flag the timestamp every time an instructor switches to a new slide.

The metadata is cleanly packaged for the Mediaspace API to process and correctly append to the video in their publisher.

Only Place Chapter Queue Points Once

While we’re talking metadata, Mediaspace can accurately replicate the placement of queue points denoted by instructors in the Cattura interface. These queue points are a handy way for teachers to indicate the beginning of new chapter content for their students.

Be Confident in Having the Right Parameters

Kaltura and Cattura began cooperating on joint projects around 7 years ago. Cattura offered input and insight in the development of the Open Capture Standard.

As we’ve both developed, Cattura has maintained close alignment around the core expectations of the OCS. You can rest easy that our two platforms will exchange video without losing quality or key metadata.

Are you looking for an end-to-end recording or streaming solution? Learn more about our Kaltura integrations.

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