New Kaltura Integration Updates

CaptureCast announces two critical updates in version 5.1 for Kaltura customers. We’ve made the exchange between the CaptureCast hardware and the Kaltura API more secure, and we now offer the capability to sync scheduled webcasts along with video-on-demand recordings concurrently from the Kaltura scheduling service. Both these new updates drive more automation and security.

Webcast Scheduling Sync
You can now sync scheduled webcasts directly from the Kaltura scheduler. Kaltura users can now blend scheduled vod + webcast events concurrently to take advantage of broadcasting live lectures while retaining a high quality video-on-demand master recording.

Application Token Authentication
Kaltura users can now create application tokens to securely identify CaptureCast hardware as a friendly recording device. The information exchanged is securely encrypted and hashed, preventing unauthorized manipulation of the session context. The legacy Kaltura secret method is still available for backwards compatibility, but we highly recommend switching to the new authentication method to prevent security breaches.

CaptureCast offers the most advanced hardware integration for rich media recording and webcasting for Kaltura on the market. Our mission is to automate, enrich, and streamline the entire production experience. For more information about our Kaltura integration, please visit our Kaltura page or call: (800) 417-3230 to speak with a sales engineer.

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