Consumed by the Cloud: Is Lecture Capture Hardware Obsolete?

“Clearance Sale!”… “Closing”… “Closed”.

The arc of Blockbuster Video Store’s monumental collapse gives us a sense of both familiarity and inevitability.

Like Apple’s iTunes before it, Netflix stood ascendant atop the rubble of a disrupted industry and continues to lead the market, even today.

Why? Netflix is not a leader merely because it utilizes contemporary technology. Netflix leads by discovering and addressing the needs of its audience with a customer-centric approach.


Is Lecture Capture Next?

It’s appropriate to wonder if the growing wave of cloud computing will similarly displace hardware solutions to university IT challenges.

But here’s the rub: Students and faculty are constantly demanding more from their lecture capture and LMS platforms. Faster uploads. More video and audio inputs. Additional playback functionality. More bandwidth and more storage.

With cloud-based solutions’ reliance on a strong Internet connection, hardware gives you confidence that lectures are successfully recorded, encoded, and uploaded in the event of faulty connections.

The cloud is becoming a critical component of lecture capture success, but robust hardware is still required to support user demands without compromising the system’s reliability.


Integrated Solutions

In light of this demand for the best that both cloud-based and hardware-based lecture capture can provide, we emphasize the robust feature-set and reliability that integrated solutions bring to the table.

We partner with the learning management systems offered by both Kaltura and Panopto to create the best possible lecture capture experiences for students and faculty.

Request a demonstration of Cattura’s lecture capture solution!

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