Getting Started with CaptureCast Chrome

CaptureCast™ Chrome is built for the web, so it works with any kind of computer. All you need is the Google Chrome browser, a computer with a webcam or some type of video device, and your screen. It’s designed to be reliable and easy to use so you can create content without limitations.

To get started, open your Google Chrome web browser and follow this link to the CaptureCast Chrome app on the Chrome Web Store. Click “Install”, and the app will download and install automatically. You’ll see the Cattura logo, which looks like a camera lens in the top-right side of the browser. Click on it, and you’ll be taken to a short video telling you all about it.

The first time you go into the app, you will need to allow webcam and microphone access. Simply click the dropdown menu for either, and a screen will pop up. Click “Allow Access” on both, and you’re on your way! If you’re using a laptop or notebook computer, CaptureCast Chrome uses your built-in webcam and microphone. If you are using a desktop computer or any external equipment, the app will identify it as soon as you plug it in.

CaptureCast Chrome is designed to be reliable and easy to use so you can create content without limitations.

Once you choose your settings, inputs, and resolutions, click “Start Recording”. That’s it! You’re on your way to making your first video. We recommend making a few test runs first, to find which resolutions and settings work best for your computer and your content. Once you’re done, click “Stop.”.

Your new video can be found under the “Manage Media” tab. Your videos can be downloaded to your computer, or uploaded to YouTubeVimeo, or Google Drive based on your classroom setup and preferences. These videos are yours – No DRM, no locks, and no watermarks.

Change the way you use video in the classroom with CaptureCast™ Chrome. Whether you are venturing into the idea of flipping your classroom or you’re just looking for a new way to engage with your students with video, it’s a great way to easily and quickly create your own content!

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