Expanding One Touch Device Support

Over the last year, our integration with the Elgato Stream Deck Mini  has proven very popular – but we always felt like it could have more features that the 6 buttons of the Mini simply could not support. While the Mini will still serve the needs of many customers, we have expanded our compatibility with the Stream Deck line of products to also include the Stream Deck XL. This 32 button system allows us even more flexibility and functionality than ever before.

First, it gives us the ability to display more live preview thumbnails during captures. The Stream Deck XL gives us room to display enough thumbnails simultaneously for even our most advanced 6 source recorders, all refreshing every single second.

The Stream Deck XL also lets us expand  monitoring capability to include audio via a granular meter that spans the entire bottom row of 8 screens. This can tell you at a glance whether or not there is an active audio signal coming into the recorder, and whether it is lower or higher than expected..

Finally, we’ve used the expanded capacity of the Stream Deck XL to implement support for PTZ controls. We currently support both Vaddio PTZ cameras and the ONVIF PTZ standard, with full support for pan, tilt, and zoom controls, as well as preset recall.

Just like the Stream Deck Mini, the XL connects via USB either directly to our recorders or over a network through the use of the Capturecast Link relay device, and can work seamlessly alongside the Kuando Busylight. We look forward to continuing to bring more features to our Stream Deck integrations, as well as support for additional devices, as time goes on, so keep your eyes glued to this space for more features as we add them.

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