Learning Engine: Embed Video In Your LMS

Bringing smart video to students is a great way to allow them to identify and fill their learning gaps, study for upcoming exams, and learn new things all on their own. While the powerful search tools and embedded notes & chapters make it incredibly easy for students to find what they are looking for quickly, being able to deliver exactly what you want when you want to is vital for success.

The Learning Engine goes deeper in your LMS than it would appear at the surface. All the tools, the smart search, powerful editors and the transcriptions are great, but as every teacher or instructor knows, additional steps to starting an assignment are never good.

Used in coordination with CaptureCast Chrome, the Learning Engine becomes a one-stop shop for your video library. Once it’s set up, the Learning Engine allows you to upload video from YouTube, Vimeo and Google Drive and send them to your students.

Now, whenever your students look to find the answers to question #6, they won’t be distracted by anything else.

It is incredibly easy to embed a link to a Learning Engine video built into many text boxes in your LMS. For example, if we wanted to start a discussion around a certain video or create an assignment that has students watch a video and answer questions on a worksheet, it is done with a click.

Simply look for the Cattura logo in the toolbar above a text box. Click that, and your video library will be displayed. Hover your mouse over the video and click “Embed”. A link to that exact video populates right in the field you’re working with. Now, whenever your students look to find the answers to question #6, they won’t get distracted by anything else.

Having the ability to deliver smart video content to your students directly is vital to their success, and having a simple, quick, and easy way to bring that content right into your lessons. The Learning Engine works with any LTI-compatible learning management system, and –best of all – is completely FREE for teachers to use! Learn more about the Learning Engine here.

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