DIY: Repurposing Old Capture Hardware

Video technology can pose a high barrier to entry. Robust, professional-grade systems are often expensive to adopt, and the proprietary nature of most solutions makes switching providers a costly proposition.


Open Design and Infrastructure

We’ve talked, in the past, about our commitment to an open philosophy and participation in developing Kaltura’s Open Capture Standard. While open design has allowed us to tailor our solutions to particular capture environments for some time now, Do-it-Yourself lecture capture hardware is an opportunity to leverage our inherent flexibility to help universities cut costs.


The Do-it-Yourself Lecture Capture System

CaptureCast DIY is a solution that capitalizes on your current equipment and technology, rather than rendering them obsolete.

Using spare computers or lecture capture hardware, we can equip you to build a dedicated lecture recording appliance with three simple steps:

  1. Install Recommended Capture Cards
  2. Install Linux (Ubuntu)
  3. Install CaptureCast DIY

The CaptureCast DIY software is simple to implement, and users are offered premium support for installation and troubleshooting.

Many universities have utilized CaptureCast DIY as a supplement to their overall lecture capture strategy. Classrooms within the same college often requires different levels of lecture capture. CaptureCast Pro offers the necessary reliability for critical capture environments, but CaptureCast DIY can serve as an affordable solution for all of your less critical classrooms.

Check out Hardware and OS Recommendations for CaptureCast DIY

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