Cattura’s Commitment to Sustainability

Like the universities we support, Cattura Video operates with an eye toward the horizon. Technological innovations and CaptureCast improvements are only part of how we prepare and adapt our video solutions for the future.

We take great care to recycle all materials that come into our office. When you are building world-class hardware, there is plenty of waste created – boxes, Styrofoam, plastic wrap, and so much more comes to us – and we work hard to make sure it is sorted and recycled properly.

Caring for the environment is key to our manufacturing process.

The boxes and packing materials our hardware chassis are shipped in are reused every time. Each completed unit is shipped out the same way it came to us, limiting the amount of waste produced here as well as what goes out to you.

We build each CaptureCast unit with energy-efficient components to keep power draw low. While it’s important for all users, additional units in your lecture capture system compound the power savings.

CaptureCast units themselves are recycled! If you purchase a new CaptureCast appliance and send your old one back, we’ll give you a credit toward your new appliance. Disposing of computer components properly is important, as improper disposal can cause major harm!

Caring for the environment is key to our manufacturing process. We strive to deliver the best lecture capture and video recording hardware in a sustainable and energy-efficient manner.

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