Command Center: Lecture and Video Management

Your time is important. When fixing bugs and rolling out changes, the last thing you want to do is repeat identical fixes for each of your lecture capture units. That’s why our Command Center units are designed to be a one-stop solution to provide total control over your entire CaptureCast system with centralized video and capture management that doesn’t require you to log into each unit individually.

When initially logging into your Command Center unit, you’ll see scheduled captures on every unit, which you can edit and configure as needed. This not only saves you time by consolidating every scheduled capture in one place but also allows edits without having to log into each individual unit.

Beyond scheduling, Command Center provides centralized video monitoring without going to each unit. By clicking on a unit, you can check status, storage space, current sources, and much more. Want to be sure that a camera or piece of equipment is working properly? No need to go to the room or log in – just click the live preview to see what the unit sees.

Command Center even provides tools for remote restart or power controls, allowing you to remotely power down or restart a unit in the event of power failure or incoming severe weather. You don’t have to run from room to room in the rain to take care of your CaptureCast units – stay dry and shut them down remotely!

By bringing all your CaptureCast units under one roof, Command Center allows you to have complete control over your entire lecture capture recording environment.

Check out the Command Center’s Feature Set!

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