Cattura Video’s Open Philosophy

There are many things that have changed with Cattura Video over the years – Team members, our old design, projects, and our short-lived obsession with that cup-and-ball game have all come and gone, but there has been one consistent theme throughout – our commitment to open design and infrastructure.

From day one, CaptureCast was designed to be an open platform, to be optimized and to work in any environment (classrooms, conference centers, courtrooms) with any equipment(cameras, hard drives), and with any publisher (Kaltura, Panopto, OpenCast). By designing our system in-house and using Linux, and by writing our hardware in a way that allows for quick changes and customizations we have made good on delivering a platform that is not only open, but simple to work with.

Our REST API is available to every customer, providing the tools needed to implement new features, custom development, integration with room control systems, custom web hooks, and so much more that would be impossible on many other lecture capture systems due to their intentionally limited design.

We have made good on delivering a platform that is not only open, but simple to work with.

The open philosophy doesn’t stop at our software; Every CaptureCast unit is designed to be upgradeable, reconfigurable, and modular to ensure that it will be with you for years, and will always match your AV environment – even if it changes. All capture cards are swappable. So, a quick switch of a card will allow your CaptureCast to adapt rather than forcing you to buy a new machine every time you change a camera.

Cattura Video operates with an open philosophy right at its core – it is at the heart of everything we build, design, and do every single day. We do this because we love what we do, and we want to enable our customers to use their machines as they see fit, rather than how we tell them it should be. Want to learn more about our open philosophy?

Drop us a line, or experience it firsthand with a CaptureCast trial today!

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