4 Characteristics of Cattura’s Live Streaming Solution

CaptureCast V5 has brought a number of improvements to the Cattura software stack, including upgraded live streaming capabilities. We’re thrilled to share the status of our current live streaming solution.

1. Multi-Source Streaming Now Supports Multiple Rooms and Multiple Providers

As we’ve previously announced, our multi-source capabilities have been extended to reliably stream content from 2 different rooms. If you’re just counting sources, Cattura can confidently stream as many as 4 HD sources. A single stream can be pushed to several different providers, like Kaltura and Akamai, simultaneously.

Our hardware doesn’t force you to choose between live streaming your multi-source video content and recording it for on-demand playback. You can stream content, not only to one provider but several, and simultaneously record high definition masters.

2. Live Preview and Confidence Monitoring

Our live stream functionality enables crisp confidence monitoring for all of your devices. This makes it much easier to ensure the quality of a particular video capture. Confidence monitoring is simple to integrate with other platforms due to the pure HTML5 playback, without relying on Flash.

The monitoring feed is also helpful for local viewing in real-time. Medical training programs can watch and later review the footage of a student’s medical simulation.

3. High-Quality Streaming

Here’s where we get to the down-and-dirty. If you’re looking for tech specs, we’re taking a deep dive into the details! For the high level, solution-driven folks, these last two sections are entirely optional.

We support the full CRF quality range, and we offer bitrate presets between 5.5Mbps and 100Mbps for CBR.

When it comes to framerate, the Cattura solution can stream up to 60fps. On top of that, we’ll stream each of your sources in their native resolution, up to 1080p!

4. Wide Range of H.264 Parameters

Earlier, we mentioned that the Cattura solution can stream the same content to multiple providers. Our software is compatible with most providers using the RTMP Standard including Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Akamai, Wowza, Kaltura, Panopto, and Ustream.

We support all available H.264 presets, profiles, and tunes.

  • Presets (Ultrafast to Placebo)
  • Profiles (Baseline, Main, and High)
  • Tunes (ex. Animation, Film, Zero Latency)

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