Cattura Partners with AV-iQ

Cattura Video is proud to announce our new partnership with AV-iQ, the largest and most comprehensive database of audiovisual products and companies ever assembled! This tool enables us to provide updates regarding products and services to you, and give you a full-featured look into CaptureCast products!

AV-iQ brings powerful search tools, product descriptions, and feature lists for CaptureCast, and offers a simple tool to finding resellers in your area that are carrying CaptureCast products. They are one of the most trusted sources on the internet for AV installers, designers, architects, and sales professionals to get exactly what they need.

AV-iQ is one of the largest, most trusted AV resources ever built.

Check out our AV-iQ showroom here and let us know what you think in the comments below! You can find out anything you need to know about CaptureCast and how it will fit in to your video capture or streaming needs.

Contact us via our AV-iQ page or through our “Contact Us” link here. If you want to get up close and personal with CaptureCast, you can request a free hands-on trial here.

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