Using Hardware Lecture Capture at Home

For many instructors and lecturers there’s an enormous question looming over the entire Fall semester - how do you best serve your students when teaching from home? The emergence of COVID-19 required rapid change and even faster adaptation from teachers. How do you provide an experience as close as possible to the in-person learning experience... Continue Reading →

How to Best Use Capturecast Video Transcription

Here at Cattura Video, we’re always looking for new ways to push CaptureCast to new limits, and the latest way we’ve managed to do that is through direct transcription integration. Now, as soon as a capture is complete, you can send it out for either human or machine transcription. But what are the differences between... Continue Reading →

Now Supporting Panopto External Scheduling!

We’ve always prided ourselves on our extensive integration with Panopto, and now, we’re expanding that integration even further with the addition of full support for the Panopto Remote Recorder interface. This means that now you’ll be able to control and monitor everything about your Capturecast deployment right from the same Panopto interface you use to... Continue Reading →

Opencast & CaptureCast: New AWS Integration Aims To Help Schools Easily Deliver Video Lessons

We’ve always been proud to integrate with Opencast, one of the few fully open video distribution platforms, and today, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re not only deepening our integration through advanced lecture capture, but we’re also making Opencast itself easier for new schools to quickly get up and running. We have posted a simple... Continue Reading →

Update for YouTube’s multi-camera & screen webcast switching

Cattura is excited to announce a new addition to our YouTube live streaming plugin, a direct multi-camera pass-through to YouTube’s camera switching live streaming player. Cattura users can live broadcast up to four independent 1080p streams into a single YouTube Live player allowing viewers to simply switch camera angles in real-time. This new feature allows... Continue Reading →

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