Announcing CaptureCast 5.1 Beta – Now Supporting NDI®

At Cattura Video, we’re always looking for new ways to implement the latest and greatest technologies, and today we’re thrilled to announce that compatibility with NDI® is on its way. We’ve considered many Video over IP solutions in the past, but none of them have really been up to our standards for video quality, audio quality, and most importantly, overall stability, until NDI®.

Over the last several months, we’ve been hard at work developing Capturecast 5.1, which has involved a large rework of the CaptureCast backend to support NDI®, and also implementing a new audio/video encoding system along the way that will prove more flexible in the future and allow us to implement new standards that come along much quicker. Now that we are approaching the finish line for the project, we wanted to talk about some of the potential advantages you could see from using NDI® in your workflow, and some of the products we’ve found can truly improve your overall experience.

The most obvious immediate benefit is the ability to run all your A/V over ethernet. Instead of dealing with bulky long HDMI cables that have a relatively short upper limit on their length, you can run some CAT6 or Cat6e cables, and you’re good to go. There’s a wide range of available NDI® cameras available from companies like NewTek, Vaddio, Panasonic, and others. If you already have existing high quality SDI or NDI® cameras you want to convert for NDI® use, there are products like the NewTek Spark, Magewell Pro Convert, and BirdDog Mini, among many others.

However, there are also a few additional things to consider if you’re coming from the world of HDMI and SDI. In order to make the best use of an NDI® setup, you’re going to ideally want to have a dedicated network for NDI®. While it can work on an existing network, excessive traffic from activities such as live video streaming to remote learners can hinder the available bandwidth for NDI®, causing transmission quality to suffer. When it comes to networking, we highly recommend Luxul and Cisco switches primarily in order to ensure the best quality network, and thus also the best quality final audio and video output.

There can also be other exciting advantages from implementing NDI® into your workflow. For example, by just running a single piece of software, you can transmit any computer’s screen using NDI®, allowing for simple and easy ingest of a presentation feed without having to run an extra network cable to the machine, or duplicate an HDMI output from it.

We’re looking forward to talking more about CaptureCast 5.1 in the very near future. We’re beginning the beta phase of testing now, and as we learn more from participating customers while moving forward with the project, we’ll continue to share more as features get finalized and prepared for release. We are incredibly excited to share this new era of CaptureCast with you, and if you’d like to learn more about all our forthcoming 5.1 and recent releases, reach out to us at, or use the live chat feature on our homepage at

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