How to Use Advanced Scheduling to Simplify Your Captures

Automation can make a world of difference for a small team that operates a large lecture capture system. The simple power to schedule and monitor can reduce inconvenience to instructors and tedious, repetitive tasks for the technology team.

The CaptureCast models boast advanced scheduling to equip you for handling the next tier of challenges.

“How can I efficiently, with minimal risk, grant scheduling capability to users who shouldn’t have log-in access to our full lecture capture instance?”

“With my integrated solution, is it possible to have a master schedule that communicates with both my recording and publishing software?”

Let’s dive into the ways that advanced scheduling can address these challenges.

Custom Scheduling Form

Granting limited scheduling access is made simple by the ability to customize a scheduling form. By providing a link, you can give anyone the ability to schedule a new capture within the limitations that you set.

Users will be able to determine the following attributes:

  • Title
  • Media Template (from a list of your choosing)
  • Start Date
  • Start Time
  • Duration

The display of each attribute can be customized by editing the parameters in your Settings panel. Additionally, limited users will not have the ability to edit or delete previously scheduled captures. So, no need to worry about the integrity of your calendar.

External Scheduling

It’s increasingly necessary to utilize an array of recording and publishing tools to address the full scope of your lecture capture needs. For all of their additional functionality, joint solutions can tragically compound certain workflows by a factor of 2 or 3, depending on the complexity of your solution.

The only answer to the twin needs of functionality and efficiency is a thoroughly integrated solution that pulls key workflows into a single interface.

Our external scheduling feature gives you the capacity to manage your schedule in another interface, like Kaltura, and expect seamless communication and response from your CaptureCast units. This eliminates the work involved in double scheduling and confirming alignment between the two calendars. At present, the external scheduler is fully integrated and available for use with Kaltura, with other software integrations soon to follow.

To prevent conflicting communications between the software, using an external schedule will disable the function for making scheduling edits on the CaptureCast unit. Only the blackout dates on the CaptureCast units remain dominant in a conflict with the external calendar. When a date is blacked out in CaptureCast (for a holiday or other closure), it will not record. Otherwise, the external scheduler will always overwrite the CaptureCast calendar.



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