5 Must-Read #EdTech Resources

Technology in education is the archetype of a trendsetting field. The Internet is awash with new techniques and technology to be applied in universities and K-12 classrooms.

In the interest of helping you cut through the clutter, here’s a list of blogs and publications that keep us abreast of the latest news and innovations in education technology:

Education Dive

The staff and guest writers at Education Dive consistently deliver informative, thorough, and compelling content. Articles are sorted into categories like Higher Ed, K12, and Technology to make it simpler to find particular kinds of content.

This super helpful segmentation even extends to their email newsletters, which deliver targeted and timely news straight to your inbox.

We recommend subscribing to one, or both, of the Education Dive: Higher Ed and CIO Dive newsletters.

Professor Josh’s Jumble

Like the well-known Skimm emails, Joshua Murdock curates content from all over the web to compile a ‘greatest hits’ collection of daily ed tech news.

Professor Josh’s Jumble pulls content on a smattering of subjects, placing coding programs for kids right next to discussions on the future of higher ed. The variety of topics makes it a great place to check the pulse of education technology.

Following @professorjosh on Twitter makes it super convenient to look in on his curated content.


You might notice that EdSurge articles make frequent appearances in Professor Josh’s Jumble, but don’t let that stop you from hopping over to their site.

In addition to highly relevant editorial content, EdSurge serves up fun, informative podcasts and cool networking opportunities for leaders in the digital learning space!

Wainhouse Research

As an independent market research firm, Wainhouse is a leading provider of thorough analysis regarding the intersection of video technology and educational environments.

In-house analysts have been quoted broadly by renowned publications, from the Wall Street Journal to the Washington Post.

Wainhouse updates are an absolute must to stay apprised of new ed tech products entering the market.

Bryan Alexander

Bryan’s eponymous blog is a well-written and insightful commentary on the evolving role of technology in higher education.

Setting itself apart from the other publications on this list, the Bryan Alexander blog is not a hub for breaking news. Rather, it provides much-needed context by evaluating the influence of technology’s role in teaching methods and classroom environments.

Honorable Mentions

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